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Here are a few screenshots of the Java exception tracker I’m building.  Please let me know what you think (good, bad, or otherwise).


StackHunter - Dashboard ScreenshotStackHunter - Latest Exceptions ScreenshotStackHunter - Exception Details Screenshot





What is Stack Hunter?

Milan over at SuperbCrew recently asked me a few questions about Stack Hunter.  You can read the full interview there.

Q: What is Stack Hunter?
A: Stack Hunter is a tool to track exceptions in Java web applications. It plugs into your apps to capture exceptions, along with other diagnostic information. When an exception occurs, it sends an email alert and makes the details available through its web interface.


The easiest way to integrate Stack Hunter with your Java web apps today is via its servlet filter. There’s also a Java client API and a REST service behind the scenes if you need more control. Plug-ins for several logging libraries are also in the works. JMX beans are being kicked around, but nothing is planned yet.

If you’re looking to add arbitrary data to each exception (business objects, organization, etc.), the client API is the place to do it. Those values will appear in the Properties section at the bottom of the Details screen.


Stack Hunter currently does alerting over email. It defaults to a max of one email per hour per app to not flood your inbox (unless that’s what you want).  The emails are also pretty simple — just a few details plus a link back to the issue.

Download Private Beta

Stack Hunter is currently available to private beta users. If you’d like to give it a try, please sign-up to the beta list to get started.


About Dele Taylor

Dele Taylor is the founder of -- a tool to track Java exceptions. You can follow him on Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn.

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