StackHunter Beta 1.1 Available for Download

StackHunter Beta v1.1

A new beta release of StackHunter, our Java exception tracker, is now available for download.

StackHunter notifies you when your Java apps fail.  It sends out email alerts for uncaught exceptions and provides a dashboard for viewing all your exceptions (plus their associated HTTP request, cookies, etc.) in one place.


You can pick up the latest release at


This release focuses on simplifying the setup process. You can see the installation guide here:, but it’s pretty much: unzip file, deploy war, open web browser to the dashboard.

Hooking up your app is a couple more steps which the dashboard helps to automate.  See the client setup guide here:

H2 Database

We love MySQL, but had to replace it with the H2 Database to make the setup easier.  The transition was a fairly easy thanks to H2’s MySQL compatibility mode.

We do plan to allow you to use MySQL (and other databases) in a future release.

5 Minute Setup

We aim to get you running in 5 minutes or less.  Let us know how close we came for you.

Happy coding.

About Dele Taylor

Dele Taylor is the founder of -- a tool to track Java exceptions. You can follow him on Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn.

2 Responses to “StackHunter Beta 1.1 Available for Download”

  1. Hi Sir,

    As in the Stack Hunter Site i am Configure all the things but its not working please provide me some other help video or doc file that i can see my application exceptions.My project is in Java(Spring MVC Maven Project).Need Help????