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Java 8's Data Time API Quickstart

Java 8’s Date Time API Quickstart

Java has introduced a new date and time API in Java 8. The interface is much more intuitive than the old java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar based APIs. The new library was developed and integrated via JSR-310 and is heavily inspired from the popular Joda-Time library. It has a comprehensive set of classes for various use cases (as you’ll […]

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Get Started With Lambda Expressions in Java 8

Lambda expressions are the most touted feature of Java 8. They promise to reduce the amount of code you have to write, make your code less error-prone, and make it easier to read. Let’s understand how lambdas manage to do all this using an example.

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How to Use Java 8's Default Methods

How to Use Java 8’s Default Methods

Before Java 8 your interfaces could contain method declarations, but no implementation code. One of the new features of Java 8 is the option to provide default implementations for methods right in your interface code itself.

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